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I often get asked what “style” photographer I am, which I think is a weirdly hard question because I shoot based on lighting, based on emotion and based on people’s interaction rather than trying to conform to one pre-set style. Every couple is different. Every wedding is different. I try to shoot genuine, authentic images.  I want your family and friends to look at the photos and say “wow you look soooooo beautiful!  How happy and in love are they?!?” not “wow that’s a really awesome editing filter she used.”  On a wedding day a bride and groom go through an incredibly broad range of emotions and I like to capture that variety. There are times you feel goofy, romantic, elegant, cool…maybe a little drunk! I want to show the whole gamut! I know how much planning went into your wedding.  I get how much effort goes into choosing fonts for programs, ranunculuses over hydrangeas and picking plum instead of eggplant bridesmaid dresses. I want your wedding images to reflect your individual choices, your personality…not some generic version of your wedding. I want you to feel like the best, prettiest, most awesome version of yourself when you look at your wedding album!  My background is in journalism, but I appreciate traditional portraiture too. I always say that I shoot what I would want hanging over my fireplace and what my mom would want over hers. In other words the classic and the cool, the traditional and quirky. I want your wedding images to be romantic, yet really fun and modern but still timeless!

When I’m choosing a service professional whether it be a magazine to advertise my business, a personal trainer or someone to clean my carpets, I value an upfront approach and the ability to personalize based on my needs. So it makes sense to offer my clients the same benefits! Right?!? So, I have created a straightforward pricing structure based on my decade of wedding experience to help you preserve your memories beautifully for generations to come.  You have the option to create your own unique collection with the amount of time, additional sessions and heirloom products that you feel will enhance your wedding day the best.

The base wedding collection includes eight hours of coverage and a full resolution copy of your images for digital download. The cost of the collection is $2500.  You have the option to add on additional hours, second shooters, albums and more!  You’ll receive 20% off any additional item booked at the time of your wedding reservation.

If you’d like to chat about your unique wedding and/or check my availability on your date please fill out the contact form on the ‘Let’s Chat’ page or shoot me and email!  I look forward to hearing about the wonderful event you’re planning!