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The portrait experience at Katie McDonald Photography is a mix of posed and candid, silly and sweet and totally true to you!  I want to take the things that you’re doing at home, in your jammies, on your couch and simply elevate it.  I want you to see the best version of your family in my work.  I want it to be the fun, snuggly, dad making fart noises, belly laughs vibe your crew has…just in a beautiful location with everyone dressed adorably and free of booger noses and Ugg slippers.  I want you to be able to look back on these images when all your kids are grown and remember the funny, over exaggerated way your son used to smile, the adorably quirky way your daughter walked on her tip-toes, the absolutely genuine love you shared.  As a mother now myself I understand how fast life moves.  One minute you’re in the hospital and the nurses have just handed you a tiny little human that you have no idea how to take care of and the next you’re juggling 17 work and school and activity schedules to find time to go on college visits.  Life is just simply too fast and you need to take time to have a professional session, because by the time you “lose those last five pounds” or your “work schedule becomes less hectic” your kids have changed, your life has changed and you’ve missed that moment that deserved professional documentation. I never had a full family portrait taken until my wedding day, and because of that I think that a portrait session is one of the most valuable things you can do for your family!  Don’t make the mistake my family did and not have professional photos to share.  Memories can fade but fine art portraits last a lifetime!!

I grew up looking at my Grandmother’s photo albums over and over and I hate the thought of future generations not being able to have this same experience. With the rapid rate that technology changes I feel that having heirloom quality prints, enlargements and albums are a necessity.   Each session includes the digital files AND an online print purchase gallery.  Need some assistance choosing what will look amazing over your fireplace?  No problem!  I will gladly meet you at my studio help you choose what professional quality prints and fine art products will showcase your session the most beautifully.

If you’d like to chat about setting up a portrait session and/or check my availability please fill out the contact form on the ‘Let’s Chat’ page or email me!