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Sara and Ross

I have never seen so many attractive people with such amazing singing voices gathered together in one place as I did at this wedding!!  Sara and Ross had a day filed with family and love and song…98° and Spice Girls songs to be exact (which

Uhlman Family | Portrait Session

I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed working with the Uhlman family!  They’re seriously the cutest!!  Their daughter has NYC runway model potential and their son, ohhhh their son….he was hilarious and very much kept me on my

Kate | Two-Year-Old

Kate is one of the most inquisitive, charismatic kids I’ve ever met!  She just turned two and during her session I had deeper conversations with her than I have had with some adults!  :)  She loves singing ‘Let It Go’ and the

Jena and Travis | Wedding

Jena and Travis are one of the most delightful couples I’ve had the privilege to work with!!!  They are adorable,  fun and sweet…not to mention #selfie masters!  I have to say that I joined them in being a smidge bummed about their

Kathy and Drew | Wedding

Ok y’all…go and get yourselves a snack before you settle in to check out the awesomeness that was Kathy and Drew’s wedding, because it’s a long one!!  I was with this amazing couple for a looooooong time on wedding day!!  They really made having

Jess and JJ | Wedding

Jess and JJ wanted nothing more than to have an outdoor wedding at these amazing gates on the campus of Simpson College.  Everything was finally going right after over a year or health problems and difficult planning….then, the rain came.  And