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Maci | Six-Months

Sessions with babies can run long sometimes…they need lots of breaks, and cuddle time and snacks.  And that’s completely normal, I mean they’re little babies!!!  What’s not so normal is when a session with a six-month-old

Chrissy and Ryan | Engagement

Soooooo….this post and the one I’ll be sharing tomorrow should have been shared with y’all a week ago.  I was on vacation in Siesta Key and had planned to edit/write/blog on the days we just hung out in the condo while it rained. 

Emily and Chris | Engagement

There are a couple phrases that make me really ridiculously happy as an engagement photographer. Some of these phrases are “tonight’s weather will be partly cloudy with very little wind” and “would it be okay if we brought

Ethan | One-Year-Old

Little Ethan is ONE!!!  He was such a tiny little baby and now he’s this amazing little boy with the most piercing eyes and a head full of wild, blonde curls!  It has been such an honor for me to be invited into his life!  I photographed his

Jena and Andrew | Engagement

Jena and Andrew are a photographer’s dream!!!! They’re not only gorgeous and at ease in front of the camera, but they are seriously some of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Oh and they have a ridiculously adorable dog named Bear

Hudson | One-Year-Old

I can’t get over how fast kids grow up…and I’m not even a parent yet!  Seriously it seems like just yesterday I was photographing Hudson when he was a tiny little newborn in a bucket of baseballs and now he’s ONE!!!  Time