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Heather and Andrew | engagement

I am about sick of this rain and chilly weather.  To combat the recent gloom I present to you Heather and Andrew!  They are super duper sweet and ridiculously adorable.  These are their engagement pictures…which are (spoiler alert) also super

Kim and Noble | Couple’s Session

We are making Valentine’s Day a week long event here at Katie McDonald Photography by sharing with you Kim and Noble’s suuuuuuuuuper cute couple’s session.  These two are already married but let’s be honest, married folks

2016 Wedding Pricing

While shopping over the holidays I had a realization…holiday shopping is freaking STRESSFUL!!! And retailors don’t seem to want to make it any easier on us. If anything shopping during November and December is harder than regular shopping. There are

Megan and Buddy | Des Moines, Iowa Wedding

I can’t even: a colloquial expression that denotes so many emotional responses that the user cannot begin to comprehend what has transpired. Megan and Buddy’s wedding…I just can’t even. After chatting with Megan throughout

Lena and Joe | Wedding

One of the first questions I’m asked when I meet people is “where are you from?”  To which I reply “I live in Johnston but my studio is just north of downtown Des Moines.”  Then inevitably “no, like, where are you

Styled Shoot | #loveatthezoo

The “styled shoot” is growing in popularity right now and can be seen all over social media.  Photographers do styled shoots for a number of reasons.  Perhaps they are inspired by something: a color, a place, a theme, and want to stretch