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Megan and Buddy | Des Moines, Iowa Wedding

I can’t even: a colloquial expression that denotes so many emotional responses that the user cannot begin to comprehend what has transpired. Megan and Buddy’s wedding…I just can’t even. After chatting with Megan throughout

Lena and Joe | Wedding

One of the first questions I’m asked when I meet people is “where are you from?”  To which I reply “I live in Johnston but my studio is just north of downtown Des Moines.”  Then inevitably “no, like, where are you

Styled Shoot | #loveatthezoo

The “styled shoot” is growing in popularity right now and can be seen all over social media.  Photographers do styled shoots for a number of reasons.  Perhaps they are inspired by something: a color, a place, a theme, and want to stretch

Emily and Ryan | Wedding

I’ve been a very absentee blogger this summer.  And I’m sorry.  But I feel like I had a good reason, I was rebranding my business and it sort of took over every moment I wasn’t shooting or editing images.  But it’s done now

Devyn and Tyler | Engagement

Devyn and Tyler are planning a wonderful winter wedding and so I couldn’t have been more pleased with the perfect, incredible, magical spring weather we had for their engagement session! Two cold shooting dates would have been much too much

Janel and James | Wedding

Janel and James are two of the sweetest people on the planet. I was so hoping that their wedding day would be as beautiful as they are…also because the day we shot their engagement session was the coldest day I can ever remember, like ever.